In 1995, the Founder of Table Innovations was asked by his Father-In-Law to create a work/project table that would assist him in completing his woodworking and other projects, especially when assembling and finishing. This table would need a smooth work surface that ideally rotated 360 degrees and because shop space was limited, a fold-up for transport and storage design was also required.

After several attempts, the Model RT was created. It was apparent immediately that the design was unique and could be used by all types of Individuals to assist them in completion of their projects. This was true because the Model RT met a different and common-place need that no other table did. The Model RT allowed the User to move and position the project instead of themselves. This is a huge advantage if the project is fragile, heavy, difficult to access, or the User prefers not to walk-around, bend-over or is wheelchair bound.

In 2002 a Patent was applied for and in February of 2004 the United States Patent Office granted the Model RT U.S. Patent No. 6,681,704. Other Models and Accessories developed from the Model RT design philosophy have been added to our product line.

In late 2003, the Founder, now a 5 time Grandpa, and delighted about it, decided to apply the unique design qualities of the Model RT to young children and mid youth development furniture and accessories. These additions to our product line are “Kid Inspired and Tested” and have passed the “They Use It All the Time” test.

Finally, in mid 2004 a daughter asked Dad to create table-top storage to help her organize her “Stamping” hobby. As a result, 3 additional Models were created specifically for Stampers and Scrapbookers.