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rotating craft tables

Welcome to the Table Innovations, Inc. Web-Site. Here you will find a detailed presentation of all our products, their uses and for whom they were designed. We specialize in high quality products including: rotating craft tables, folding craft tables and ink pad storage shelves. Follow this link to view our complete line of quality products.


As you view our product offerings keep in mind we are a Function and Value driven organization. Our products first serve a specific function that is the basis of the design and secondly provide a good value with high quality, a long warranty period and a fair price.

Table Innovations, Inc. is a wholesale manufacturer. If you are a Retailer we have a direct link to us so we can discuss how to establish your account. For Consumers we have a direct link or “800” number to a Retailer that can immediately take your order.

Again, Welcome to our Site and we thank you in advance for your business!