All Table Innovations, Inc. product development is original. We do not produce “Copies”. Our designs are the result of following three (3) fundamental Design Principals that we believe determine the success of any product. Application of these Principals has even resulted in the issuance of a United States Patent for our Model RT.

The first Design Principal followed is Function. Ensuring a Model totally meets the needs of the User is a minimum requirement. “Close Enough” is not acceptable. As an example, consider the Model IPO, Ink Pad Organizer. The Model IPO is a storage unit but, Ink Pads can be stored in many existing containers. The function must include organization as well. The Model IPO was designed to meet the needs of storage and organization, equally.

The second Design Principle followed is Quality. At Table Innovations, Inc. Quality is designed in. This includes a thorough examination of materials, construction and configuration. Any Product that does not meet the User’s needs for the time expected is not well designed. As you review our Quality and Warranty pages you will see our commitment to providing the highest Quality Products possible.

The third Design Principal followed is Usability. Usability is defined as how practical a Product is to use. For example, the space allocated in an average home for hobby/craft/art activities is usually minimal. This is why Table Innovations. Inc. designs many of its Products to be folded to a compact size for storage or transport while, at the same time, providing a properly sized and stable work surface when in use. In addition, the rotating top available on the Model RT and CTR allow use in smaller spaces where other work surfaces do not fit.

While we feel these three Design Principals to be of greatest importance, aesthetics has not been forgotten. We view all of our Products like “Furniture craft tables ” and apply fit, finish and materials in a similar fashion. Folding frames and rotating work surfaces can never be as aesthetically pleasing as Fine Furniture. However, we have applied surface finishes, crisp lines and clean configurations wherever possible. All Table Innovations, Inc. Models look and feel like the high Quality Products they are.



Furniture craft tables

furniture craft tables

Furniture quality craft tablesFurniture craft tables